✧・゚Contemplating life’s temporary charm・゚✧

I think the temporary concept in life is what makes it so terribly dreadful and also very beautiful. Why can’t I for example, continue to feel happy and blissful after a day in the park with the love of my life? I mean sure I can feel happy but it’s just not the same. It’s like the minute I step out of that scenario everything bad comes rushing into my brain. Why can’t you continue to feel euphoric like the time you played this new song and danced around in your room and wish everyone could feel this amazing as you. Or when you got some really good news that made you believe in life and its hopefulness. Or when you went out for a day in the sun and felt like it was melting away all of your bad thoughts and problems. This obviously, is what makes life unpredictable and hard to capture in a sentence or a novel or a song. This concept as I said earlier can also be very beautiful. For example, the feeling of uncertainty in your life whether it be in your relationship or job or social life is not always going to be there. You might get married soon and be calm about that or get a promotion at work that will get you more money and you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Or meet new people that will make parts of your day very fun. Or, if you’re feeling absolutely horrible, you’ll know and hope that it won’t last long. But here’s one totally annoying thing about this “temporary concept”. Just because it’s temporary, doesn’t mean you won’t feel like in those moments, the bad feelings are going to be permanent. No feeling is like “ya know what this is kinda super bad but I know that in approximately 45 days all of this won’t matter”. No, right? No instead, you have this huge weight of sadness and anxiety resting on your chest and shoulders and head, convincing you that this terrible state that you’re in, as far as you know and are concerned, might last for a long long possibly forever time. Now as to not end this short little rant on a negative and glass half empty kinda note, all of the beautiful moments you experience all of the laughs and the ticklish happy feelings that you feel when you’re in a rollercoaster or when you open a car window and stick your head outside, all of these will feel truly amazing, because as far as you know and are concerned, these moments will last forever ❤.